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An Epic Mule Deer Hunt with US Marine Veteran Brandon Rumer

Join us on a thrilling adventure as United States Marine veteran, Brandon Rumer, embarks on an unforgettable journey through the stunning Nebraska sandhills in pursuit of a monster mule deer. With over 35 miles of challenging terrain to cover, this hunting expedition is not for the faint of heart. Guided by seasoned professionals, Brandon Hansen and Chris Lane OutDoors from Doose Outfitters, this epic mule deer hunt promises excitement, camaraderie, and a true test of skill.

A Veteran's Journey Through the Sandhills

As a United States Marine veteran, Brandon Rumer knows a thing or two about perseverance and pushing his limits. The Nebraska sandhills provide the perfect backdrop for this rugged adventure, as their rolling dunes and vast expanses of grassland offer unique challenges and breathtaking beauty. This hunt combines the thrill of the chase with an unparalleled appreciation for the great outdoors.

Expert Guidance from Doose Outfitters

To ensure a successful and memorable experience, Brandon Rumer is joined by expert guides Brandon Hansen and ChrisLane OutDoors from Doose Outfitters. Their extensive knowledge of the area and mule deer behavior, combined with their passion for hunting, make them the ideal companions for this demanding expedition. Together, they navigate the ever-changing landscape, tracking the elusive mule deer through the sandhills.

The Pursuit of a Monster Mule Deer

The ultimate prize in this incredible journey is the majestic mule deer, known for its impressive size and distinctive antlers. As the team treks across the sandhills, they employ a combination of patience, skill, and strategy to locate the deer and position themselves for the perfect shot. The excitement builds as they close in on their quarry, culminating in a heart-pounding moment when all their hard work pays off.

A Test of Skill and Determination

This unforgettable hunting adventure serves as a testament to the resilience and determination of our brave veteran, Brandon Rumer. It's a story of camaraderie, shared passion for the outdoors, and the pursuit of a challenging and rewarding goal. As they trek across the sandhills, both the hunter and his guides demonstrate the skills and perseverance that make this hunt a truly epic experience.

Join Brandon Rumer, Brandon Hansen, and ChrisLane OutDoors from Doose Outfitters on this exhilarating mule deer hunt through the Nebraska sandhills. Experience the excitement, the beauty, and the challenge of this incredible journey, and share in the triumph of a successful hunt.



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